Escape Game Belfort | La Clé du Bastion | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? This page is yours.  If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would also punish the webmaster that has not been able to help you there.


Are there microbes in there?

Louis PASTEUR could not stand some of them, and so do us!

We have taken some important measure for the well-being of our visitors, including de-infection of our rooms before each game. Come and play out of the world, in your very own space !


Why an escape game ?

And why not?! Come here to play, think, learn while competing, discover the magnificent Tower 27, or to escape your lunch with your step-mother. Come for a new group experience. Play if you are curious, dynamic, history-addict, game fans, or simply because it is raining, and there is nothing on the TV!

Gathering your team.

With who can I come?  Sylvie from Giromagny

You can come with friends, family, in group of students, gamers, or Vauban’s groupies.

Even with teenagers? Martin from Danjoutin.

Yes indeed. The enigma is made for adults, but teenagers will certainly like to prove their merit. The game requires logics and patience, therefore we advise it to older than 12. All detectives below 16 years old shall remain under the supervision of an adult.

Even with my kids? Alban from Trevenans

Kids, toddlers and babies are welcome. They shall of course remain under their parents’ responsibility. Some happy few would even be able to help Vauban as scouts!

Even with my foetus? Adèle from Delle

Off-course… no frightening things or physical exercise for pregnant women. For you information, the nearest birth room is at 9700 m.

Even with my boss? Tom from Alstom

What a rich idea ! La Clé du Bastion is the perfect spot for team event and incentive. It is all about building team spirit, collaboration and brainstorming to meet your goals

Team size

I would like to come with my 500+ friends I met on facebook. Can I?  

Let’s be serious: Vauban is not keen on making virtual friends and would command you to come in a team of 3 to 6 people. Bartholdi is much more fun and eager in hosting more friends, as of 6 to 10 people.  Note that both rooms  can run in parallel, with means that a group of up to 16 people can play at the same time.

Note also that two kids per group can join.

Your session at La Clé du Bastion

How would it go inside ?

Well, hopefully positive if you listen carefully to your game master ! J

On the D-Day, please make sure to be on time. It is important to run your game in a smooth manner. There will be a circa 15-minute briefing, so that to unveil your mission and rules of game. Then, you will have one hour to meet the challenge (or less if you are experts! J). Then, we will be delighted to share your thoughts and discuss over the game during circa 15 minutes. Last, sadly, time will come you will accept to leave and come back home, and describe your experience on your favorite social network.

General Culture

Do I need any specific historical knowladge on Vauban and Bartholdi ?

We do confirm that learning by heart Vauban’s and Bartholdi’s Wikipedia’s pages will be of no help to meet your mission. All what you need is yet in your brain and team resources. Nonetheless, these information can end up being useful for you to boast in diners.

Dress code

How should I dress ?

No need to dress like coeval of Vauban here. Fur scratches, silk gets dirty with tower’s dust.  Instead, we would highly recommends dressing like real Belfort people.  Fleet jacket is the right fit. Vauban was green before times come : no heating in buildings, no greenhouse gases.



Guess what? It is perfectly doable to come and play when you are disabled. You may not be able to execute all things others can do, but will play together with your team at all times. All that we to request is you to come with a valid people, just help and assist in case of emergency evacuation.

Oh… a side note as well.  Vauban was indeed super green: no toilets in the bastion, you will have to rely on the public restroom, 300 m away.


Crap ! It is my girlfriend’s birthday in two days… and I am about to fail in finding the perfect gift!

Easy! Offer some time in one of our escape games! Please fill up the “bon cadeau” form, or write to us directly @ so that we get prepared a beautiful voucher, valid for one year.


Do you keep any trace of our performance inside the room ?

We love watching you when you play. But – no – we don’t record and store this for your Oscar’s nomination

Panic Room

I like mygales and even happened to fall asleep watching The Exorcist… but being locked does terrorize me. So ?

No worries my friend! Sure the door is closed, but you have at all time an emercency key near the exit. Just lie to your team mate and tell them you have an urgent call, and take a breath! We may also leave the door half-open – this will not affect your game.