Titre meurtre4

Prison 1/2

Exhibit #36

You have a brief interview of Muller:

"When did you see Victor Legrand for the last time?
- That mobster, that assassin you mean! He goes beyond safety standards to make bigger profits. I finally found the proof! He pays bribes to the control bodies. He only had what he deserved!

- When did you see Miss White for the last time?
- Wednesday morning, when I passed my resignation letter to the Legrand. A pretty little girl ... oulala!

- When did you see Melusine for the last time?
- Wednesday morning, she was playing with Miss White. She will become  beautiful young woman with her brown hair, all curly.

- Where were you Saturday around 11 pm?
- I do not remember too much. With the cops I guess. Those who drove me here. No longer allowed to have a drink in the street?

- Why is your shirt torn?
- What can this do to you? I had an accident in the car, that's it. "  



Exhibit #37

 "Mr. Muller, can I take your fingerprint?"