Come to the Bastion.


Meet the challenge.


Solve the mystery.

The Game

The Clé du Bastion is a room escape game, which is a new thrilling and exciting group activity.

Your team will be immersed in an enigmatic atmosphere within a single locked room.

Your challenge? Unravel the mysteries to find your way out of the room in less than 60 minutes.

Your weapons? Team spirit, logic mind and a bucketful of imagination.

Are you up to the challenge?


The Tour 27, a classified historical monument designed by Vauban.


The secret room, its logic puzzles and dexterous games.

Icone sablier


A unique adventure in a private space, in the presence of an english speaking guide.


Your adventure online now!

The place : La Tour 27

We are located within the city center of Belfort, in the heart of the historic fortifications.

Your adventure will take place in the Tour 27. This fortified tower, classified historic monument since 1923, will mesmerize you with its majestic vaults and the ingenuity of its architecture.

You will dive into history as soon as you enter the gates…

Vauban's Office

Group of 3-6 people
1 hour quest

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In this year 1700, you have to retrieve Belfort’s fortification drawings. You are commanded to break into Vauban’s office to find a copy of  the lost documents. But be carefull, the architect left them well hidden to avoid them falling in enemies hands!

Bartholdi's Workshop

One hour before the inauguration of its famous Lion, the sculptor asks you to quickly get to his workshop to grab his speech notes. But  in the artist’s place, between his tools and drawings, among which his Lady Liberty, you will find hard to put your hands on your quest!

Group of 6-10 people
1 hour quest

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Prices and Opening


3 players: 22 Euro per person

4 players: 19 Euro per person

5 players: 17 Euro per person

6 players and above : 16 Euro per person



Along with a group of adults

Limited to 2 kids per session

0-5 years old : free entrance

6-10 years old :  6 Euro as part of the kid's specific quest, available for both Vauban's office and Bartholdi's workshop


Opening hours

On reservation only.

Thuesday to Friday : 4.30 pm - 10 pm

Weekend : 10 am to 10 pm


On-Line Booking

To book your room escape session in Belfort, click below.

See you soon at La Ćle du Bastion !


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La Clé du Bastion


Rue des Bons Enfants
90000 Belfort



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