Bartholdi's Workshop

Escape Game: Bartholdi's Office

An historical escape room to discover Belfort's Lion!


1880.  Today's is a significant milestone for Bartholod. After years of works, his magnificent lion will be inaugurated. The gigantic sculpture will celebrate the bravery of those woud protected the city during the French-German war of 1870-1871.

But... a few minutes before the ceremony, he understand he as forgotten his notes for his speech. You are immediately appointed  by him to get them in his workshop. But, beware, the place is full of surprises!


And for the littles artists?

Along with the main mission, Barthodli can hire up to two apprentices of 10 years old. They will be in charge of a very important mission: finish an important order for the sculptor! 

6 - 10 players
0- 2 little artists (10 y.o. and below)

Duration: 1 h

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