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Frequently Asked Questions





Still have questions ? This page is yours. 

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We would also punish the webmaster that has not been able to help you there.




What is your telephone number ?

Unfortunately, there is no network at Tower 27! That's why we don't have a phone number. To contact us, you can send us an email to or on our Facebook and Instagram page.

How to follow your news ?

Just follow us on our social networks: Facebook and Instagram : Facebook and Instagram !



What is the principle of the game ?

Your group is locked in a room of a historical monument (and in complete safety) you will have to solve the riddles of the rooms to get out in 1 hour! We'll make you work your brains, but also discover an unusual place: the Tower 27.

Come and face the challenges of VaubanBartholdi and 1916.

We are playing with the history of Belfort, but we assure you, you don't need ANY knowledge. All the elements to solve the riddles are present in the game room. But nothing prevents you from doing your research on the history of the city before your game to impress your partners!

Am I being filmed during my game ?

If your question is : Can I win an Oscar for my performance, unfortunately not... So we won't be seeing you on the big cinema screens! We only film you to follow your journey in the game and help you at the right moment!

And what does Safecrackers consist of ?

Your mission is to make the most beautiful theft among the treasures of the museums, locked in a series of chests. As in an escape game, you will have to use logic, skill, intuition, observation and cooperation. The group is divided into teams of 3/4 players who compete to open as many safes as possible in a 90 minute sprint. This activity takes 2 hours between the briefing, debriefing and the game, and costs €20 per person.

For more information, click here !

What about treasure hunts ?

2 investigations are available to you: L’Enquête en Ville and Affaire Belle-Epoque. Become better than Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to solve these investigations which take place in the city of Belfort. 



Do you accept credit cards ?

No ! Vauban created fortifications so thick that no waves could penetrate them !

Which payment methods do you accept ?

We accept cheques as well as cash. The nearest ATM to Tower 27 is a 2 minute walk away!

I didn't pay online when I booked, is this normal?

Absolutely! Payment is made on the day!



Can we play in pairs?

If you like challenges, you can choose between 2 escape-game rooms! Vauban and 1916. It's up to you. You have to make a reservation for 3 people and indicate in the reservation comment that you will be 2. The price is 72 € for the group. 
We're thinking of you! For two people, you can also play our SafeCrackers challenge !

Can children play ?

We have thought of everything for the little ones! The game guides set up children's games in the rooms. They then have their own missions! Young and old can play. 
Remember to inform the team of La Clé du Bastion of their arrival in the comments of the reservation.

What is the size of the teams ?

Between 3 and 6 players, we suggest you play in the Vauban's Office or 1916 room. Between 6 and 10 players, the Bartholdi's Workshop is ideal for you!

For more than 10 players, the Safecrakers activity will be perfect for you!



Where can I make my reservation and what are your rates ?

Reservations can be made from our website, from the Book tab!

We offer discounted rates for our escape game rooms.  They are automatically calculated when you fill in the booking form.

You can find all our rates here.

Can I cancel my game ?

You can cancel or reschedule your game with a minimum of 72 hours notice! To do so, contact us at  

Attention, beyond that, the billing of the session is due, because the room is prepared and reserved for your attention.

What are the meeting places for your games ?

The meeting place is The Tower 27 in Belfort.

For Safe Crackers, the game takes place at the Batteries Basses Haxo of the Citadelle of Belfort, the place of meeting is at the Tank's Martin!

I am late, will my game be able to take place?

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes early to ensure that the game can run smoothly! It is essential that the game that follows you is on time, and our game guides retain the right to cancel your game if a late start compromises the next one.

In case of any delays, you can send us a message on our Facebook ou Instagram pages.



I'm running out of ideas for a gift for my dad, Vauban help me!

Don't panic, I've thought of everything and not just for your dad! You can choose between several gift vouchers in the Gift Voucher tab! All you have to do is slip it under the tree or for any event!



I want to do a team building with my company, is it possible ?

Of coursen! We welcome you in the Tower 27 or the Haxo Low Batteries of the Citadel of Belfort. We can adapt the formula to your needs: breakfast, work room, Safe Crackers, escapes games possibility to deliver lunch and/or dinner.

Stag and hen parties, birthdays, retirements....

We are happy to welcome you at La Clé du Bastion for your special events! 

Please let us know in the comments of your reservation what event you want to celebrate ;-)

If you wish to hide elements in the room for the person, this is quite possible. Bring the gifts you wish to offer, your party guide will take care of the rest!