WWI blowing escape room!

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Your adventure in a Poilu's shoes

1916 - German troops are only a few miles away from Belfort. All of a sudden, the rumor grows : they have a secret weapon, able to blast everything in dust. And the sky falls soon after : a giant cannon shoots at  the city. In this true story, join the French secret service to locate and neutralize the enemy. Hurry up, this could strike again in the next minute!

The Key Points

Groupe smallTeam size: 3 to 6 people, plus up to 2 children below 10 years old.

Detail qui fait la difference smallThe detail that makes the difference: you also have your own cannon!

And for the scouts ?

Along with the main mission and in the same room, Bucher can recruit 2 scouts of 10 years or below. Those will be given a very special mission : gather the soldier's package, without forgetting anything!