Titre meurtre4

Crime Scene 1/3

Exhibit #1

Then you find the dead body of Victor LEGRAND, under the arcades of the Bons Enfants street. His white shirt is drenched in blood. You spot the impact on his chest, where the bullet hit. The post mortem analysis will let you know more about the causes of the death.


Exhibit #2

You notice a crumpled paper getting out of his pocket. Getting over your nausea, you grab it with much care. This is a resignation letter, from Regis MULLER, dated 9 February. Herein, he also accuses his boss, Victor LEGRAND, to have ruined his life. It is only recently he has understood how his disregard had taken the most precious thing he had ever seen. He expects justice will do its job and will bring Victor behind bars… otherwise he will find the way to destroy his life anyway.