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Tribunal 1/2

Exhibit #7

The testimonies from the witnesses have been recorded in court, in anticipation of the future trial.

Deposition of Mrs. Christine Joly - volunteer at the residence for senior 11 rue Pompidou 90000 Belfort.
"I do not recognize Marceline Bernard any more.  This nice lady is usually very dynamic, she is even president of the scrabble club. She received a letter in late July and since then became irascible. It has worsened since Wednesday 9 August. She no longer participates in any activity and no longer eats in the refectory. She takes a stroll, down in the square, 30 min a day. Other than that, we do not see her any more. Her neighbor told us that she hears her in her flat talking to herself."


Exhibit #8

Testimony of Mr Alexandre Cornu - 2 rue Edouard Meny 90000 Belfort.

"I met Jenny a little over a month ago when she moved in. She's a gorgeous young woman, captivating, whom I would have liked to invite to the restaurant.  But I I never dared speak to her. On Thursday the 10th of August, a man in his fifties, dressed in blue work, and who left a smell of whiskey, came to visit him at his studio. He stayed for about an hour. The very explicit noises I heard through the walls broke my heart. Why did she get with such guys ? He came back Friday the 11th August in the evening, and dropped her a small package. I don't know more. "