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Legrand's 3/3

Exhibit # 16

You have a brief interview with Ms. Legrand:

"When did you see Victor Legrand for the last time?
- Saturday night. He left our home at 11 pm with the case to this and save our daughter.

- When did you see Miss White for the last time?
- This little curious prick ? She have just gotted what she deserved. It's her fault if we do not have our daughter anymore. She came Friday morning but I sent her home. What's the point ? Melusine is no longer there.

- When did you see Melusine for the last time?
- Wednesday at 8:30 am, when I let her it to Jenny.

- Where were you Saturday around 11:00 pm?
- Here at home. I was waiting for Victor's return with our daughter. But where is she? 

- Who has the key to the cabinet of curiositier?
- This is my husband's lair, his secret garden. He keeps the only key. "  


Exhibit #17

"Madame Legrand, can I take your fingerprint?"