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Mrs Bernard's Appartment 2/3

Exhibit# 29

You make a brief interrogation of Ms. Bernard:

"When did you see Victor Legrand for the last time?
- Last Sunday. He had invited me to the restaurant with Catherine. What a tragedy! I could never have dreamed better son-in-law. A real gentleman. How sad!

- When did you see Miss White for the last time?
- Tuesday, when I went for tea at Catherine's. What a little silly and vulgar girl! Always despising you if you are a woman ... or teasing you if you are a man. Her only asset was to speak anc teach English to my granddaughter. She spent her time intriguing, I tell you! I had already caught her searching in the personal belongings of my son-in-law.

- When did you see Melusine for the last time?
- Sweetheart? I do not understand what you imply here?!

- Where were you Saturday around 11 pm?
- I was in my room, what do you believe? That I spend my time in bars at my age?


Exhibit #30

"Madame Bernard, may I take your fingerprint?"