Titre meurtre4

Hotel du Tonneau d'Or 2/2

Exhibit #23

You make a brief interrogation of Mr. Clerc:

"When did you see Victor Legrand for the last time?
- Wednesday evening. He did not welcome me well at all and threw me out. I could not even talk to Catherine. How dared he? She was unhappy with this guy anyway. I saw her crying at the window when I left in the street

-When did you see Miss White for the last time?
- Who? I do not know this person.

- When did you see Melusine for the last time?
- Melusine? Catherine's daughter? Why ? What happened to her?

- What do you think of Marceline Bernard?
- This old trollop is vicious, ready to do anything to achieve her goals. She convinced me to go to the United States to split with her daughter.

- Where were you Saturday around 11 pm?
- Here, in my hotel room, watching a movie. "


Exhibit #24

Mr. Clerc, can I take your fingerprint?