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Crime Scene 3/3

Exhibit #5

Your eyes sweep the crime scene. Under the hedge, you discover a briefcase. "Click"… you open the two closures ... Incredible! Hundreds of  bank notes! After a long calculation, you count up to  2,000,000 euros. For a moment you imagine your new life under the sun. But the dream fades. This is an exhibit. What if you were accused of the murder?

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Exhibit #6

You are dazzled by the reflection of the sun on a piece of metal. In the dogs-corner, dragging among excrement, a relic of the 1870 war lies: a Devisme revolver, 12mm, with central percussion. You know everything about the Franco-Prussian war. The barrel has traces of soot. This weapon has been used recently, there is no doubt. The analysis by the forensic scientist will certainly be very useful to the investigation.