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Legrand's 2/3

Exhibit #13
Catherine Legrand has bloodshot eyes, a sleepless night waiting for her husband, and tears that have followed the news of his death. The asks you to hold and wait for a few minutes, times for her to get refreshed. You take the opportunity to take a look in the hallway. A door catches your eye: a cabinet of curiosities. That is all your, you're curious. Look the door handle is crooked. Unthinkable in a house so well maintained. The lock was most presumably forced.


Exhibit #14
The cabinet of curiosities of Victor Legrand is a marvel. Exotic animals, ethnographic objects, scientific instruments, automata, rock crystal, ivory, amber ... so many objects that make you imagination at work. A gun collection is contained in a magnificent glass showcase. There is an empty place in the center of about thirty cm. Would Monsieur Legrand wait for a new piece for his collection?


Exhibit #15
On the desk of Victor Legrand, a photo in black and white his clearly shown. This is a shot of the couple Legrand, in a garden. You take the photo and look at its back.

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