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Tribunal 2/2

Exhibit #9
The testimonies from the witnesses have been recorded in court, in anticipation of the future trial.

Testimony of Mrs. Conceta Crispin - cleaning lady working for the Legrand family 10 rue Reiset 90000 Belfort.
"I was at Legrand's on Wednesday, the 9th of August from 4.30 pm to 7 pm to clean the house. At around 6 pm, a very elegant man, about forty years old, rings at the door. I welcome him inside and ask him to wait for the owners to come in. His name is Mathieu Clerc and he wants to see Mrs. Legrand. I find the Legrand couple in the office and announce the visitor. Mr. Legrand gets furious and forbids his wife to join Mr. Clerc. He grabs a firebrand in the fireplace and told his wife that he will take care of this man once and for all. I come back into the vestibule to warn Mr. Clerc it would be better to leave the place quickly. And now I find him hanging on the home phone, handset to the ear, typing on the keyboard. "How dare he ?!" Mr. Legrand leaps on the visitor, grabs and pulls him outside. I have never seen Mr. Legrand like this. I am still quite upset. "


Exhibit # 10

Deposition of Philippe Canard - inhabitant High Street 90000 Belfort.

"On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the 13th of August, I am awakened by some noise down the street. A man in his fifties is having fun spilling garbage cans. He is damn drunk, staggering, and fall down on the pavement. I notice that his shirt is torn and soaked in blood. I call the police to report this person. In less than 10 min, the police van comes and picks the guy. A policeman thanks me and says that the man, Regis Muller, will spend his night at the prison. "