Corridors of Time

Corridors of Time

An unprecedented adventure through History!

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An exciting escape game for 6-10 years old!

Today is a visit to the Belfort Museum! During this outing, your class will marvel at the city's treasures.

But a pupil makes a huge mistake! By rubbing an amulet, it sends you into the past, and disrupts History!

Travel back in time, from the Middle Ages to the Belle Epoque, and prevent her from doing the irreparable. You will need to demonstrate imagination, agility and team spirit.

Hurry up , the Corridors of Time may close in on you!

The Key Points

Groupe smallAge : 6 to 10 years old.
Capacity: 4 to 10 children
Price: 150 euros for 8 children, and 10 euros per additional child
Duration of the experience: 1h30 (briefing, game, debriefing)

Detail qui fait la difference smallA facilitator dedicated to your group.
Disguises to go unnoticed in the corridors of time!
An activity in Haxo Battery room, in the heart of the Belfort Citadel!

Birthday option

We will be happy to organize your birthday snack after your escape game session:

•    a cake and candles
•    candies
•    unlimited drinks
•    the dishes
•    the decoration
•    wooden games
Just book and we take care of everything!
Price: 8 euros/child
Duration: Privatization of 30 minutes to have a snack and open your gifts.
Presence of an adult required.