Bartholdi's Workshop

Bartholdi's Workshop

GRAAAOUUU at the Lion's creator place.

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Save the Lion!

1880.  Today is a great day for Bartholdi: after years of efforts, his beautiful Lion is going to be inaugurated. This monumental sculpture commemorates the bravery of those who defended Belfort during the French-Prussian war of 1870-1871.

But… few minutes before the ceremony, he happens to understand he has forgotten his notes, mandatory for his speech. He gives you this important mission: look into his workshop to get them as soon as possible. But beware… this place is full of surprises!

The little detail that make all the difference:  an unprecedented game design, allowing to play at more than 6!

Team size : 6 to 10 people, plus up to 2 children below 10 years old.

And for the children?

At the same time of the main mission, and in the same place as the adults, Vauban can hire in addition up to 2 children below 10 years old. They are in charge of another very important mission: finish an urgent order for the master sculptor.