Vauban's Office

Vauban's Office

Meet Belfort's architect

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A plot under Louix XIV's reign

1700. Under the orders of Louis XIV, Vauban has been working for decades at building an "iron belt" around France Kingdom, with dozens of fortified places.

The works at Belfort, started 1677, shall be finished as soon as possible, before the next war strike. Alas! The drawings of the architect have just been lost.

Now you should get into Vauban's office, and try and find them. Beware, the ingenious architect has hidden them, to avoid they end in enemies' hands!

The Key Points

Groupe smallTeam size: 3 to 6 people, plus up to 2 children below 10 years old.

Detail qui fait la difference smallThe little detail that makes all the difference: Simply THE first escape room built in a French historical monument. Come and play with the pioneers, in a True Classic.

And for the kids?

At the same time of the main mission, and in the same room as the adults, Vauban can hire in addition up to 2 children below 10 years old. They are in charge of another very important mission: organizing Vauban's banquet.