The heist of the centuries

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An historical challenge in Haxo's Batteries

Become a Safecracker, in our cutting-edge concept of challenge and collaborative escape game.

The museum storeroom are full of treasuries. A chance for you and your team of burglars, always happy to collect those. Come at 2, 5 or 50 people to get the badge for best swindlers!

The mission: in the museum storage hall, the famous Haxo gun battery, unveil the most hidden secrets of Belfort's history. You will have to force the safe with your mind, your imagination, or agility. You will challenge several other teams, but first and foremost the clock. Hurry up! Only 90 minutes left!

The little detail that make all the difference: build the competition spirit!

Group size: Each team is composed of 2 to 5 people. It is possible to make several teams play together at the same time, up to 50 players.


The place


The place

This game is played indoor, under the vaults of the Haxo gun battery, defending the access of the Citadel. The historical place is ideal to combine the game and the team building (including possibility to book the place for private events, work-out, and catering on quote)

Beware: for this activity only, the meeting point is not at the Tour 27, but next to Lieutenant MARTIN's Sherman Tank, at Citadel's gate!